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FIREWORKS, BOATING, BEACH, COOKOUTS, APPLE PIE, FAMILY EVENTS, PARTIES! Vacations and tourist season in full swing. Good times. Deals of the Day!

So why would anyone shop during this great holiday outdoor week and long weekend? There are 5 different customers out in the stores during this time period.

  1. FAMILY EVENT OR PARTY! Family getting together to celebrate Independence Day with a BBQ and horseshoes? Everybody likes to have a new summer outfit for these events. Or you want to take something new to the party? Help this customer go to their BBQ in style head to toe and armed with the latest outdoor or pool toy for the party.
  2. THE TOURIST! Lots of traveling happening now and many of you will have stores full of tourists. No vacation trip would be complete without a trip to the mall. When people are on vacation, they are more likely to spend money shopping even if they have the same stores in their local malls. It’s just the mood you are in while vacationing. Those wallets and purses open a lot easier when you are in the middle of a great trip! And if the customer is from overseas —- ripe for picking! Go for it with this customer. They are here to spend money in America. Let them!

  3. THE BARGAIN SHOPPER! This customer is looking for holiday weekend sales and clearance. Be prepared for this customer by overstocking and organizing your clearance areas. And if your store is holding a weekend sale event — NAIL IT! Have it signed, priced, and stocked. Fire up your teams with and arm them with pricing knowledge. Everyone on the floor should be able to speak to the great deals and values you have in the store.
  4. WEATHER WOES! So, the thunderstorms ruined their plans to cook out or go to the pool / beach and here they are in the mall. They want to feel better and have fun since their holiday or vacation plans were spoiled. Have on-calls ready for this. If the weather turns poor, the traffic pours in. You can have a blockbuster day if you are prepared to take advantage of it.
  5. BTS! What? Seriously! Some markets have been out of school for more than a month at this point. School supplies and clothes are already on the shopping list. Is it some kind of law that kids must grow 6 inches during the summer? It sure seems so. Your actual BTS assortment may not have arrived yet but that’s okay. The customer is looking for savings now and will begin their BTS shopping in earnest in the next 2 weeks for those early return markets.

This week is the time to prepare and schedule for the holiday week. Get it done and seize a fired up holiday week!




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